Thursday, February 11, 2016

In preparation for College!

Image result for organizational skillsThis time of your Senior year is really exciting as graduation approaches. You are getting closer and closer to starting college and taking the next step in life. Right now isn't the time to lose focus though as there is still some work to do. The last time I gave advice to Seniors about preparation for college it was about trying to decide what type of person you are (early bird, night owl). Now I want to expand a little further and say that now is the time to be sure that you have good organizational skills
Image result for organizational skills. I know you've probably heard this before but seriously once you get to college it helps. You need to be sure that your notes are organized as well as keeping up with different handouts that your professors give you. A good rule of thumb is, if your teacher hands you ANYTHING keep up with it. Being organized makes keeping up with it that much easier. I've had classes where a professor has gives the class hand outs, then doesn't reference the sheet again until it's time for the test. If I wouldn't have had my notebooks organized I can guarantee you I wouldn't have been able to find the sheet. Not only are good organizational skills good for handouts, but when it comes to your notes, being organized makes reviewing your notes for exams easier as well. Or better yet, if you need to help out a classmate because they missed class, your notes could be a lifesaver.
Image result for organizational skills Lastly, when it comes to staying organized, get yourself a planner and follow along with the syllabus! this way you don't have any surprises or get side-swiped in your classes because you don't know what is coming up.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

What I like to do during Winter in Mobile

During the winter Mobile's weather can get pretty cold believe it or not. During this time of year one thing I enjoy doing to stay warm or entertain myself is take advantage of the South Alabama Rec Center. They actually have a hot tub and the outdoor pool is also heated so you can literally swim year round.
Image result for University of South Alabama Rec Center pool area

Not to mention there is still an indoor pool and plenty of things to do inside the rec center. Since one of my favorite sports is basketball I love to take advantage of this opportunity because it is WAY too cold to play any outdoor sports. With 3 full basketball courts there is plenty of room to play with friends or other students.
Image result for University of South Alabama Rec Center

And last but definitely not least in my opinion is playing ping pong in the rec center. There are 6 ping pong tables always available to students and it honestly gets more addicting to play the more you play it. It's a great thing to do to challenge friends or just for a fun activity.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Year's Resolution!

Image result for cartoon Working outEvery year I hear about New Year's resolutions that I think are unobtainable or that I think people won't follow through on. And every year I stand corrected by the will of some people to accomplish what they set their minds to achieving. So this year I decided that my New Year's resolution was to get in better shape by not only going to the gym, but by running more than I ever did. So far I have definitely not disappointed myself by losing 10 pounds and 2 inches from around my waist (I started in mid December). My goal for the year is another 15 pounds and 2 more inches.
Image result for cartoon Working out

I am definitely inspired by how well it has gone so far but I know that it will definitely be harder the closer I get to my goal. I have developed a routine that makes it easier to stick to going to the gym as opposed to a random time everyday. This, I feel, is what has been the most crucial to my success. Knowing that I have a set time for working out has helped me not to come up with excuses or to become "busy".  
Image result for cartoon Do you even liftI know that if I persevere and continue to push that I will be able to achieve my goal. After all if all those other people I doubted can prove me wrong, I know I can prove myself wrong.