Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Favorite Class

In my Junior year here at USA I have had quite a few classes. Some I have enjoyed and some... I have enjoyed a little less. However, one class I am taking this semester for my major of Criminal Justice, is Intro to the Offender. In this class we actually look at why people commit crime. We look at lower-class crime, we look at white-collar crime, we look at delinquency crime, we even look at environmental crime which is where someone commits crime just by being in a certain city or location. What we do is study different ideas, or theories, that experts have come up, and then we will discuss possible flaws in the theory or why this theory does a poor job of explaining crime. It has extremely interesting material because it answers that ever lingering question of WHY? why do people commit crime? why do people steal? or commit assault? or embezzle money? This course looks at this question and seeks to discover why it is that someone engages in criminal behavior. Another thing that makes this course awesome is the professor which is Dr. Sarah Koon-Magnin. She goes to great links to understand the material herself in order to relay the information to her students in a way that we will understand. She actually cares to research these different theories and find out exactly why it is that some of them don't work. Overall, having this type of material to study, combined with a professor who cares as much as this one, assures me that I picked the right major and reassures me why I fell in love with Criminal Justice in the first place.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

School Spirit!

Here at USA one of the things that really has school spirit is our book store. They have just about anything you can think of with the University's name or a jaguar on it. From hats and shirts to glass mugs and key chains. They even have different notebooks with the University's logo on it. They have things to decorate your dorm room in USA gear as well as what you'll need for game day to support the Jags. Such things as jerseys, tailgating tents and chairs, face stickers, and foam fingers. They have money clips, sunglasses, even stuffed animals! I'm telling you they have just about anything to represent school spirit. Go Jags!

Foam Finger with logo~ red                    Children's Tailgate Chair

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My unique experience

Ok one thing that I think helps USA stand out from other universities is that we have a tower in the middle of our campus. It is really tall and you can see it from almost anywhere that you are on campus. During my freshman year in my freshmen seminar class we had to walk around campus during our free time for homework and go to certain hot spots on campus and document what they looked like. The Moulton Tower was one of the places on my list and I thought "how am I going to write anything other than that it is really tall", but when I actually got to it I realized that there was a mural underneath that celebrated the history of USA with sports figures, professors, and student life. I thought this was really cool and it fascinated me because I thought that it made USA stand out from other universities. A lot of universities have towers but this one had something that helped it stand alone. One figure stood out to me, however, over all the rest. I saw a professor of mine in the mural and I thought that was really neat to not only have this mural underneath the tower but that I actually saw one of my professors. His name was Dr. Mata and he was my Biology 101 professor.
This is the Moulton Tower at night
This is a picture of the Mural from underneath the tower.

My professor is the man above in the blue shirt on the left side of the picture.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

High School Seniors

Right about this time of year that I was in my senior year of high school one thing I wish I knew about college was how I wanted to arrange my schedule. I do not mean time management, but rather at what time of the day do I like best to be in class. In high school you are there around 7 and get to leave around 3 so your body doesn't really know any better, but in college your schedule can be as tightly knitted or spread apart as you want. For example, if you'd rather have your classes early in the morning everyday so that way they are finished before lunch and you have the rest of the day for whatever, you can do that.

 Likewise, if you'd like to sleep in everyday and have your classes later in the afternoon, that is also a possibility.

My personal favorite is a balance between these two. I like to have classes late in the morning (10 or 11) and have them run into early afternoon (2 or 3). This way I get the best of both worlds, where I don't have to get up too early and I'm not in class too late in the day when I'd rather be relaxing.

 If you can find which suits you best now, then you will enjoy going to class that much more and understand when to schedule your classes!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Free Time!

When I first got to college I realized one thing that was extremely different than high school. I had entirely too much free time! This was one bonus I did not count on when I first got to college and since it was unexpected I was unsure of what to do with it. At first I spent most of the time studying and sometimes even over doing it. I soon realized that the free time could be better utilized if it was spread throughout multiple things. Obviously I hung out with friends more but I also got more involved in campus. I began to participate in intramural sports, I got a job on campus as a JagGuide, and I even joined a club on campus. Having these hobbies and activities really stretch your time but if you manage it responsibly, you can do so much with your college experience. With over 200 clubs on campus and a state of the art recreational center at your finger tips, there is plenty for you to get involved in to help you utilize your free time!